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indoor erg certification On a quiet weekend in April, some 15 on-water rowers from Parati Competitive Rowing gathered to take their indoor rowing skills to the next level by learning how to improve their own technique and take the sport of indoor rowing to a new world of exercisers who are discovering the benefits that indoor rowing has for the general population. “We were delighted to receive the invitation from Parati to come to the Houston area and deliver a weekend of certification classes in indoor rowing,” said Sarah Fuhrmann of UCanRow2.

Indoor rowing is a burgeoning fitness revolution, with studios operating nationwide and more opening all the time. The sport has immediate payback because it offers so many appealing aspects including full-body fitness, stress relief, weight management and the opportunity to engage all major muscle groups with minimal impact. Parati, the Woodlands rowing club committed to expanding the reach of rowing’s benefits to all, was thrilled to partner with UCanRow2.

Parati Competitive Rowing sought out Concept2 Master Instructor Terry Smythe, veteran rower and current head coach for Michigan Tech, because she offers a high –caliber, affordable training option. Smythe delivered an “intense but fun” course said Lauren Musial, a TWHS Junior with Parati.

“I plan to use my training to help run Parati’s demonstration clinics this spring and summer” said Clay Jones, a junior at The Science Academy, College Park.

As Symthe led the classes through rigorous but fun routines, she emphasized the importance of correct form in order to derive maximum benefits from each workout. Using techniques gained over a lifetime of training and competing at the elite level, Terry Smythe provided each participant with ways to incorporate fun and variety by tying in high-intensity CrossFit-style routines as an option for indoor rowing training.

TWHS Sophomore Maddie Austin was surprised to learn “that there are so many options when creating a workout on the machine.” Parati athletes plan to put UCanRow2’s guidance into action as they work with a wide range of organizations in the greater Houston area to demonstrate the fun and fitness benefits of this sport. Clinic scheduling is available and handled through paratirows@gmail.com.

Parati Head Coach Mike Rosman kicked off the 2012/13 school year by encouraging both his 45+ athletes and their parents to tap into the energizing power of the indoor rowing machine. To better serve its athletes and at the same time support the club’s mission to bring indoor rowing to the greater Houston community, Parati has become an authorized vendor of Concept2’s top quality indoor rowing machines.

In an initial round of outreach to bring more rowing machines to the Woodlands community, Parati is offering free shipping on all rowing machines purchased from Parati by April 29 for delivery to The Woodlands. For more information contact paratirows@gmail.com.