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Everyone was really welcoming and kind when I first joined! 10th Grader

I love the diversity of personalities at Parati. Parati is for everyone. It does not matter if you are there for the workout, or to find new friends. The group has such an amazing atmosphere that anyone is welcome, experienced or not. 10th Grader
Parati welcomed us with open arms when we moved from Florida last summer. The kids are amazing! We look forward to continuing with this amazing team/sport!
, United States
Join the family!!!
At Parati I have made countless friends that I will stay in touch with my entire life. I have also developed skills and habits that will help me as a college athlete and student.
, The woodlands
Parati creates an atmosphere that focuses on hard work leading to success. We are a team and a family, we work together and have fun together. The rowers encourage and challenge each other to be better. They are like a huge group of brothers and sisters. Conditioning Coach

I've learned a lot about teamwork and leadership at Parati. It's a great lifetime sport. I've never felt more at home than when I'm with my team. 10th Grader
Unique Opportunity
Parati offers a unique opportunity here in The Woodlands. We are grateful for an incredible group of leaders and the fact that our daughter is benefiting from being a crew member: rowing fosters teamwork, making friends, getting in shape and building confidence.
, The Woodlands

What's great about Parati? Everything! 10th grader

I loved the friendships I made at Parati!
Parati is Latin for Ready and sets the active tone for the club. Parati rowers are always ready to workout, ready to encourage one another, ready to learn and develop, and always always ready to race regardless of the conditions. The last two weekends at the State and Regional regatta have adequately demonstrated the resolve of our rowers. Congrats to the entire team for a totally awesome season and to those going to Nationals to represent Parati, The Woodlands, and the great State of Texas.
, The Woodlands
Rowing - The sport that started Facebook!
My initial opinion of rowing was formed by the movie "The Social Network." I thought rowing was for snobby, rich boys that attended Ivy League schools. Once my kids joined Parati I learned rowing is for everyone - both boys and girls of all fitness levels. And thanks to the warm Texas weather, we can row all year (unlike Havard and Yale 🙂
, The Woodlands, TX
Parati for Life
Parati has been a wonderful place for both of my sons. Lessons learned here will follow them throughout their lives. Thanks Coach Mike!
An Outstanding Organization for Teens
Katie joined Parati in the Spring of 2014, right before 9th grade. At first, we were like, "really? rowing?" Fast forward 6 months and she developed as an athlete both physically and mentally, established and achieved goals, won a gold medal with her quad team at the recent Pumpkinhead Regatta in Austin, made great friends, and received phenomenal coaching from Coach Mike. It's a parent run organization which means everyone has a stake in it. Katie has found "her niche" and we are so happy to be part of the Parati family.
, The Woodlands TX

Parati offers an environment that challenges the athletes to improve while maintaining a family-like atmosphere. We are so pleased our daughter is part of it! Parent
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