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Parati had a great showing in Austin on March 1-2 and came away with 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and one bronze. Inclement weather did not put out the Parati fire! We did not enter Novice divisions for this event, so all medals are for Varsity rowers. Well done team!




Varsity Men’s 4x – John Puzz, Clay Jones, Andrew Gomez, Blake Eastwick


Varsity Men’s 1x – John Puzz


Varsity Men’s 2x – John Puzz & Clay Jones




Varsity Women’s Ltwt. 2x – Audrey Brown & Maddie Miller


Varsity Men’s 1x – Andrew Gomez


Varsity Men’s Ltwt 2x – Ty Raymond & Eric Hoster




Varsity Women’s 2-  – Lauren Musial & Sarah Darwin