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Parati dominated in sculling at the Heart of Texas Regatta bringing home 14 medals in 13 events. 30 teams from the region met in Austin to race in the rain March 7-8. John Puzz easily won gold in the Men’s Jr 1x, step one in his quest for an invitation to Youth Nationals in June. Eddie Smith and Andrew Renier also won gold in the Men’s Jr. Novice 2x. Other medal winners include the following:

Silver:    Men’s Jr. Novice 1x               Eddie Smith

Women’s Jr. Novice 1x         Lindsey Brown

Women’s Jr. Novice 2x       Maddie Prator & Katie Dolan

Men’s Jr. Varsity 4x            John Puzz, Nate Eastwick, Reid Marlow, Jack Schofield

Men’s Jr. Novice 4x            Eddie Smith, Andrew Renier, Mauro Rodriguez, Sam Jefferis

Women’s Jr. Novice 4x       Maddie Prator, Katie Dolan, Emma Pharr, Lindsey Brown

Bronze: Men’s Jr. Novice 1x             Andrew Renier

Men’s Jr. ltwt 1x                  Nate Eastwick

Women’s Jr. ltwt 1x            Audrey Brown

Women’s Jr. 1x                   Amy Smith

Men’s Jr. ltwt 2x                Nate Eastwick & Jacob Castro

Men’s Jr. 2x                       John Puzz & Jack Schofield